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Alex Oliver | Lead Instructor

We teach professionals how to use SketchUp. Here’s a list of the classes we teach:

Complete Intro to SketchUp

Photorealistic Rendering on a Deadline

Creating Construction Documents with SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Recipes for Architects & Interior Designers

Complex & Organic modeling

We have a few options for how to take our courses:

In Person Classes

We teach our curriculums in person over the course of two days. Our public classes costs between $1200 and $1500 per student. We primarily offer our classes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We also do private training events where we come to your office and teach these curriculums.

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On Demand Classes

This is an online class format we've developed. In this format, the lessons have been turned into short video lessons and the instructor is more like a personal trainer. You meet 1 to 1 with the instructor, he understands why you need to learn SketchUp, can adapt assignments to you, makes sure you get through the material, and is available to answer questions if you get stuck. On Demand classes also cost between $1200 and $1500.

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Video Course Library Membership

This is our most affordable option, and a pretty amazing value. Members have access to video course versions of all of our in person classes. When a student signs up, they get:

  • Guidance from instructors upfront: As soon as you sign up, an instructor will reach out, and you two can discuss what you need to learn.
  • Video courses on everything you need to know: We've got $8700 worth of in-person classes broken down into bite sized lessons. Each lesson is covered in an easy to follow video tutorial, step-by-step.
  • Access to an instructor when you need it: Anytime you get stuck or have a question, we're here to help.

Our Video Course Library membership costs $159/month.

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