File Size Management Q&A

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  • After working in SketchUp for a while, chances are that you will create a large file that begins to bog-down SketchUp and ultimately slow down your process. The good news is that there are some file management tips that can relieve some of the pain of working with large files. Take a look at this series of question and answer webinar recordings if you could use some pointers on working with bigger SketchUp files. Note: Some videos contain information unrelated to file size management and may also appear in other series.


    1. Q&A Webinar - 08/28/2012 - File Size Management Workflows, Component Swapping, When to use Groups vs Components 01:20:20
    2. Q&A Webinar - 06/19/2012 - Complex Ceiling Intersections, File Management 01:22:30
    3. Q&A Webinar - 11/08/2011 - Large Site Models, Hi-Res Sat Imagery, Fly-Over Paths 01:17:50
    4. Q&A Webinar - 01/28/2010 - CAD Files, PhotoMatch, Large Files, and Importing Textures 01:56:32