SketchUp Plugins, Ruby Scripts & Extensions Q&A

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  • One of the most powerful features of SketchUp is the ability to add extra functionality through the installation of Extensions (also known as: Plugins, Ruby Scripts, or Add-ons). Over time, we have reviewed some of the most popular extensions as a part of this series of question and answer webinar recordings. Note: Some videos contain information unrelated to extensions and may also appear in other series.


    1. Q&A Webinar - 09/18/2012 - Working with 2D Landscape Components, Managing Line Weights in LayOut, Productivity Plugins 01:18:48
    2. Q&A Webinar - 09/18/2012 - Draw Helix, Follow-me and Keep, and the Artisan plugin for SketchUp 52:40
    3. Q&A Webinar - 04/24/2012 - Round Corners, Joint Push-Pull, Replacing Materials, Importing Floor Plan Image, Dynamic Components 01:37:29
    4. Q&A Webinar - 03/28/2011 - Creating Shapes with Complex Geometries, Tapers & Bends, Free Scale Plugin, Shape Bender Ruby 59:56
    5. Q&A Webinar - 09/16/2010 - Working with CAD files, Makefaces Ruby, SketchUp 8 Geo-Modeling workflow 57:58